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Month: May 2021

Meet our Support Network Coordinator, Lizz Clarke

Lizz has joined the Reflections team as Support Network Coordinator to assist individuals and families affected by asbestos-related disease.

She brings more than 20 years of acute and community nursing experience in the Emergency and Public Health sectors from across England, New Zealand and Australia. She has a Masters Degree (Medical Science) and graduate diplomas in Adult Nursing, Migrant Health and Sexology.

Lizz was primary carer for her husband, Colin, diagnosed with Mesothelioma in 2016, aged 42. Lizz and Colin experienced first hand the frustrations and challenges of living with a progressive, incurable disease and the limitations of constantly adjusting to a “new normal.”

However, they successfully created numerous treasured, laughter-filled memories with their two school-aged children, and learnt to savour each adventure. They were thankful to have no words left unspoken by the time of Colin’s death in 2020.

The intersection of professional and lived experience brings an in-depth understanding of the needs of individuals, family and friends. With an appreciation of the health care system and access to appropriate help and equipment, Lizz is also well-practised in guiding difficult conversations and balancing appointments, rest and resources.

“I hope to offer the Reflections’ community a proactive, practical, evidence-based approach to support the path ahead, and I am keen to hear your ideas and suggestions of how and where this role could benefit you and other members.”


You can contact Lizz on email: lizz@reflections.org.au