It is an honour and a privilege to provide a wholehearted endorsement of Reflections Through Reality

I was pleased to be provided a final draft of Barry’s book and, having read the story, I appreciate the value Barry has provided for all future patients and families who will suffer asbestos disease.

Most people diagnosed with mesothelioma do not survive long enough to tell their story. Barry, your defying of the odds has allowed us to benefit from your journey and for that I say a big thank you.

Having never written a book before, it is a credit to Barry that he has allowed us to enter his journey and travel with him as he tackles this insidious disease head on.

As he faces the reality of his situation, Barry’s reflections of his life’s journey, his insight into his relationships, his family and his faith, provide the reader with a very real understanding of a very real person facing a very real challenge.

My father passed away from mesothelioma just over four years ago, having survived less than four months after diagnosis. I remain acutely aware of the sentence and suffering this disease imposes on our community.

Whilst the dark cloud of asbestos disease will hang over our industry for many years to come, I applaud and recommend this book to you as a body of work that will prove to be of immense value to those who will ultimately share Barry’s journey.

Thank you, Barry Knowles.

Dale Alcock
Managing Director
ABN Group

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