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    September 2016

    On the 5th of July 2011, our lovely Nan was diagnosed with mesothelioma.  We knew very little about the disease that was about to affect our families lives dramatically, however soon we learnt that our Nan wasn’t the typical mesothelioma patient.

    Firstly, how did our Nan get this disease? What had she done wrong to get this life threatening diagnosis? Nan wasn’t involved in the mining or building industries and she was a woman. Somehow, she got the disease through everyday, household activities and not through the mining of asbestos. Looking back at the struggles and constant worry of 2011 through to now, we have realised that not only did Nan break the stereotype of who got it, but also that she was a rare miracle of survival.

    On the outside, Nan has managed this disease with grace and perseverance, however behind this veil, we can see that she is really suffering and struggling in her battle with this life threatening disease. With this cruel form of cancer constantly gnawing away at her energy and lungs, we know that she is sadly missing out on a time of her life that should be cherished and rewarding.

    Thank you to all medical staff, her friends and everyone who has assisted her in this battle, for helping her to still experience some great joys in this tough time of her life. The research of this insidious disease needs more money and support to keep searching for more and more answers, please help us to limit the amount of West Australian families who have to experience what we have for the last five years. We are so proud of our Nan for achieving what she has over this time, and we can only hope that her story of continued survival will help encourage others and help to raise awareness for mesothelioma, so that in the future we are able to completely erase the deaths of this disease.

    Sophie, Hannah, Matthew and Georgia with their Nan, Robin