Our Foundation

Reflections Through Reality was founded in 2015 to promote and fund medical research into a cure for mesothelioma, increase awareness of the risks of asbestos in our community and support fellow sufferers.

“Having worked as a builder and handled asbestos related products most of my life, I was not surprised when I was diagnosed with the terminal disease mesothelioma in February 2010 – I was devastated!”

Given a prognosis of 6-9 months, Barry Knowles defied medical odds and fought on, finally succumbing to the disease on 23rd of December 2016. You can share Barry’s journey with mesothelioma, interwoven with recollections of his earlier years, in his memoir – Reflections Through Reality. Challenged with writing his story in 2013, possibly the first of its kind in Australia, Barry never imagined it would become a catalyst to establishing a foundation by the same name.

The Reflections Through Reality Foundation has been established to allow individuals and organisations to donate to medical research that is being undertaken under the oversight of some of the world’s leading experts in mesothelioma research at the University of WA. These include 2013 WA Citizen of the Year Professor Bruce Robinson and Clinical Professor of Medicine Professor Bill Musk – who is also a Director on the Reflections Through Reality Foundation Board.

Our Objectives

  • promote medical research into asbestos-related disease, specifically mesothelioma
  • increase awareness of the inherent risks of asbestos in our community
  • provide support and connections between fellow sufferers of asbestos-related disease

“My prayer is that a cure will be discovered for those who will suffer this horrible disease in the years ahead,” Barry said in an interview in October 2016 when he realised the disease had again taken hold of him.