Our Foundation

Established in 2015, Reflections is a not-for-profit reducing the impact of ASBESTOS on the community.

Our key objectives include:

  • SUPPORTING and connecting fellow sufferers of asbestos-related disease,
  • Increasing AWARENESS of the ongoing risks of asbestos in our community, and
  • Promoting RESEARCH into better treatment outcomes for Mesothelioma sufferers.

On average, one person dies every 12 hours in Australia from Mesothelioma and an estimated 4,000 people annually from asbestos-related diseases.

As we experience a 3rd ‘wave’ of sufferers, including home renovators (DIY) and tradies, ongoing community AWARENESS is crucial. Reflections, in partnership with the building industry, is actively increasing awareness through events such as Steeltoes & Stilettos along with advocacy for improved apprentice asbestos awareness training. With the typical age of first exposure being 23 years of age, training and education to those most at risk is essential. We are proud to have the support of building industry leaders such as Master Builders Executive Director, John Gelavis and Managing Director ABN Group Dale Alcock.

We are privileged to provide SUPPORT and CARE to sufferers of asbestos-related disease including the terminal cancer, Mesothelioma. Our team understand the impact a diagnosis of Mesothelioma can have on people and those close to them. Our national helpline offers peer-based care and support – 1800 031 731 – and our online support network provides a place for sufferers to connect with others and catch-up in our regular online meetings. In Western Australia, sufferers and their loved ones are welcome to attend informal face-to-face gatherings and have access to resources provided by Solaris Cancer Care.

Mesothelioma is terminal cancer with no long-term treatment. Thanks to the support of our community, we are proud to have contributed to some of the world’s leading medical research through the National Centre of Asbestos Related Diseases (NCARD) and Cancer Council WA.

We are privileged to have a dedicated team of people who share our vision and passion to (in the words of our Patron, Professor Lyn Beazley) “…make this cruel disease a thing of our past and not our future.”  We invite you to meet our Board of Directors, who volunteer their time and expertise.

We look forward to a time when the work we do is no longer needed – “Lives untouched by Asbestos” – in the meantime, we appreciate your support as we continue to REDUCE THE IMPACT OF ASBESTOS ON THE COMMUNITY.

We invite you to contribute financially to our work and encourage you to dedicate your donation to someone and/or to specify an area you would like the funds to be used – support, awareness, research. All donations $2 and over are tax-deductible. If you would like to align your company with Reflections, contact us to enquire about corporate sponsorship.

Contact us to find out more or discuss ways you can be part of this important work.