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May 2024

Life after mesothelioma: Tracey’s insight

Life after mesothelioma: Tracey’s insight

Tracey’s husband, Geoff, passed from mesothelioma in 2022.

It has been two years since Tracey’s husband, Geoff, passed from mesothelioma. As many of us know, loss of a loved one is devastating and another emotionally challenging journey to endure.

One our Co-Founder, Jo Morris, and Support Network Coordinator, Lizz Clarke, know all too well having lost their father and husband, respectively, to mesothelioma.

Tracey reached out to us after Geoff passed and was touched and comforted by the support that Lizz provided. Connecting with someone who has walked the same path provided her with hope for the future.

“Having benefited from their care during my husband’s illness, I feel very passionate about the support space that Reflections facilitates. I felt like the load was shared once I connected with Reflections.”

Finding hope was also about finding happiness again, as she explains.

“Every day after my husband died, I was intentional about writing down a positive or happy moment – regardless of how I was feeling.

Reflecting on these has been really encouraging – a reminder that I can still find happiness in the every-day.”

After some time, Tracey joined our team as a Support Network Volunteer, and she has been making a difference ever since.

She is such a valued member of Reflections. You may have seen her at an event, spoken to her for support, or just seen her on our socials.

On this Volunteer Week we want to celebrate and acknowledge everything she does for our Reflections community.

Tracey is a wonderful, funny and kind person, who brightens our office with her smile.

She is living life to its fullest and is currently in Spain walking the Camino trail.

If you or a loved one needs support, please get in touch.

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