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May 2018

Meso Warriors run for a reason through the streets of Perth…

Meso Warriors run for a reason through the streets of Perth…

Running or walking to honour loved ones affected by mesothelioma & raise much needed funds for medical research…

HBF run for a reason

This year’s HBF Run for a Reason attracted over 35,000 participants, all running or walking for a reason. The Reflections team – Meso Warriors – was well represented with over 50 members and supporters. Many of us had very personal reasons to take part as we did so to honour loved ones affected by asbestos-related disease, specifically mesothelioma. We were very conspicuous in our blue bling – tiaras, tutus, wigs, special effect makeup and other over-the-top blue bling ensured that the Meso Warriors stood out amongst the masses.

Assembling early morning in the streets of Perth City, the sky was an ominous grey. Fortunately, the rain held off for the most part, as we traversed our way to Gloucester Park. It was an amazing and very entertaining walk, jog or run. It is not often that pedestrians have access to major roads such as Riverside Drive, the Freeway or the “Polly Pipe”. Complimenting this surreal experience were the views of our beautiful city and the Swan River. Many participants were happy to provide on-the-road entertainment with their costumes and antics. The Star Wars Stormtroopers were especially entertaining – not what you normally see on the streets of Perth. There was plenty of entertainment on the side of the road too. Bands, dancers, jugglers and superheroes all created a fun atmosphere.

Most us did the shorter, 4 km, scenic stroll while a few of our more intrepid members chose to do the longer 12 km run via the freeway and the new stadium. We even had one brave and eager soul complete the half marathon. A fabulous effort by all!

Reflections team of Meso Warriors
Team Meso Warriors
Meso Warrior team
Pete’s Meso Warriors

Last year we sadly lost a member of our team, Peter Rafferty, to his battle with mesothelioma. We previously participated in HBF Run for a Reason to try and raise funds to help others battling the illness and it was important to us to continue to support Peter’s family as well. He was a much loved member of our team and is still sorely missed.

Professionals Stirling Clark
Meso Warriors

After losing my beautiful Aunty to mesothelioma last year, another beautiful Aunty has recently been diagnosed with the disease. I fear that we may be only just starting to see the top of a very big, terrible iceberg…who knows how many of us may be grateful for the benefits of this research one day.

Mrs Brown
Jo Morris and team

My dad was the founder of Reflections and I am honoured to carry on his legacy. He would have been humbled and proud of the Meso Warriors today.

Jo Morris

Everyone had a great morning while, at the same time, raising of over $6,000 to contribute to the work being undertaken by Reflections. Many of us are already looking forward to the 2019 Run for a Reason and we would love to have you join us.

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