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    August 2016

    I watch with interest as the scourge of asbestos continues to have authorities and workers searching for answers.

    How a potential deadly product that was totally banned in Australia in 2003, is still finding its way onto building sites risking the lives of workers and anyone within the vicinity.

    One does not need to be a Rhodes Scholar to deduce that this country’s largest trading partner is also one of the world’s biggest importers of asbestos in the world.  It stands to reason that asbestos is going to be used in the manufacture of many materials and products made in China.

    In WA we have the highest levels of asbestos-related disease per capita than anywhere else in the world. One person dies every 12 hours in Australia from mesothelioma alone – that does not take into consideration other asbestos-related diseases such as asbestosis and lung cancer. Cases of mesothelioma are increasing and are predicted to hit epidemic proportions in the next few years.

    Continually we hear from authorities “the risk is minimal” – tell this to those who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma and given a prognosis of weeks or months to live.

    According to experts I speak with and a report from the World Health Authority, no asbestos is safe, blue (crocidolite), brown (amosite) or white (chrysotile) – all are potential killers.  And no amount of asbestos is safe – it only takes one microscopic fibre.

    With the vast amount of asbestos in-situ in our community and the seemingly impossible task assigned to our Border Force to prevent its importation, this killer material has the potential to continue impacting the health of our community for a very long time.

    The Reflections Through Reality Foundation believe the answer comes in finding a cure and, are therefore highly motivated to providing financial support for researchers in their quest.

    But we need your help!

    We encourage you to support us in this initiative by making a tax deductible donation via our website or using the Contact Us page to registering your interest in supporting our work in other ways.

    “Individually we are one drop, but together we can make waves”

    Barry Knowles

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