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Categories: Our Staff

Tracey Thompson

“Having benefited from their care during my husband’s illness, I feel very passionate about the support space that Reflections facilitates.”

Tracey joined Reflections following the loss of her husband Geoff to mesothelioma in 2022. Having connected with our support nurse, Lizz, she decided to join the team in providing support to clients and carers who have been affected by mesothelioma and asbestos-related diseases.

In her past career, Tracey was involved with Cancer Council as a clinical nurse, worked in palliative care and facilitated bereavement support groups.

Tracey’s skills and previous work experience, coupled with her lived experience with mesothelioma, make Tracey a valuable member of our support team. She is a valued presence in our office, always ready with an engaging story and a warm smile that lights up the office.

Stuart Fellows, General Manager

“I am proud to be part of a small not-for-profit giving tangible support to people with mesothelioma. It is also important to me that we are actively raising awareness for the next generation of tradespeople to help prevent this cycle of asbestos disease.”

In his previous role as General Manager for a large Perth-based not-for-profit, Stuart gained valuable experience in strategic planning and management; practical and theoretical knowledge of skills-based education; change management, and marketing.

Stuart has a Master of Business Administration; Honors Degree in Microbiology; Postgraduate Certificate in Adult and Tertiary Education; extensive experience in a wide range of IT applications and implementation of projects; and, skills in managing and leading a team in the health and community setting.

Stuart is accustomed to working with a diverse client base and negotiating at multiple levels to ensure the desired organisational outcomes.

In his downtime, Stuart enjoys golf; sailing; land care; winemaking; horse riding; has an interest in third-world development; and, keeps an army of bees.

Sam Dixon, Admin Assistant

I wasn’t aware how much of an issue asbestos still is. Since starting at Reflections, I’ve learned so much about the impact of asbestos and the diseases it causes. I’m excited to be a part of a team that is bringing asbestos awareness to the forefront to make a difference for future generations.”

Sam initially came on board in late 2022 to help with our annual Steeltoes & Stilettos. Realising pretty quickly the value she brings, we welcomed Sam with open arms in 2023 as our Office Administrator.

With a ‘can-do’ attitude and a cheery disposition, Sam lights up the workplace and brings value to everything she does. From marketing and social media engagement to event management, Sam is methodical and reliable.

An organised, enthusiastic person – every team needs a Sam!

Jo Morris, Co-founder and MD

“Prior to Dad’s diagnosis, I knew very little about asbestos and had never heard of mesothelioma. Sadly, I believe this is not uncommon and without more community awareness, people will continue to suffer the loss and devastation that my family have experienced firsthand through something that is preventable.”

Co-founder and Director, Joanne (Jo) Morris is the driving force behind Reflections. Jo’s passion for the cause was shared with her father, Barry Knowles, who passed away from mesothelioma in December 2016. Jo is proud to carry on his legacy.

With a background in public relations, sales and marketing, Jo is confident to take on whatever challenge comes her way and to complete it with pride and integrity. Jo’s creativity is demonstrated in her role as Design Consultant in the Perth-based building design company she has operated with her husband since 2003.

Lizz Clarke, Support Coordinator

“I hope to offer the Reflections’ community a proactive, practical, evidence-based approach to support the path ahead.”

Lizz has joined the Reflections team as Support Network Coordinator to assist individuals and families affected by asbestos-related disease.

She brings more than 20 years of acute and community nursing experience in the Emergency and Public Health sectors from across England, New Zealand and Australia. She has a Masters Degree (Medical Science) and graduate diplomas in Adult Nursing, Migrant Health and Sexology.

Lizz was primary carer for her husband, Colin, diagnosed with Mesothelioma in 2016. She experienced first-hand the frustrations and challenges of living with a progressive, incurable disease and the limitations of constantly adjusting to a “new normal.” The intersection of professional and lived experience gives Lizz a unique in-depth understanding of the needs of individuals, family and friends.

You can contact Lizz on email: lizz@reflections.org.au