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Archives: Our People

Bruce Watkins, Chair

“It was an honour and a privilege to accept the late Barry Knowles’ invitation to succeed him as Chairman of the Reflections board. Barry’s energy and inspiration in raising awareness of asbestos related lung disease and his desire to support medical research that would find a cure or treatment for mesothelioma is what drives all of us at Reflections”

Bruce is a strategic business adviser, leadership team facilitator and change management consultant to small and medium sized businesses across Western Australia. Bruce’s skills and experience in organisational development, with a focus on people, systems and leadership have helped over 120 SME businesses during the past 18 years.

He has lectured in Entrepreneurship at Murdoch University to Masters level and has been a senior mentor with Curtin University’s Centre for Entrepreneurship for the past 20 years. His experience as a non-executive advisory board member to numerous clients and various not for profit organisations, combined with his graduate status in the AICD’s Company Directors course, have contributed to Bruce’s skills in the key areas of strategy, organisational development and corporate governance.

In addition to Reflections Through Reality, Bruce is actively involved in other not for profit organisations, including:

  • Baptist Churches of Western Australia Inc. (Council Chairman)
  • 98.5 Sonshine FM Community radio (Board Member)
  • Blue Sky Pilbara Pty Ltd, a Pilbara community development NFP (Board Member)

Jo Morris, Co-Founder

“Prior to Dad’s diagnosis, I knew very little about asbestos and had never heard of mesothelioma. Sadly, I believe this is not uncommon and without more community awareness, people will continue to suffer the loss and devastation that my family have experienced firsthand through something that is preventable.”

Co-Founder and Director, Joanne (Jo) Morris is the driving force behind Reflections. Jo’s passion for the cause was shared with her father, Barry Knowles, who passed away from mesothelioma in December 2016. Jo is proud to carry on his legacy.

With a background in public relations, sales and marketing, Jo is confident to take on whatever challenge comes her way and to complete it with pride and integrity. Jo’s creativity is demonstrated in her role as Design Consultant in the Perth-based building design company she has operated with her husband since 2003.

Justin Manolikos

“With the late Barry Knowles being a long-standing client and friend of mine, his incredible strength and will to help those around him, even as he struggled with his own health, led to my natural desire to be involved with Reflections. It is a cause with a message that needs to be brought to the forefront of everyone’s mind via ongoing education and awareness.”

Justin provides taxation, accounting and business advice to a diverse client base at Hall Chadwick, with a focus on the engineering, financial and medical sectors. He has extensive experience within the agribusiness sector, particularly in the viticulture sector. He also plays a lead role is within the medical industry providing comprehensive advice to owner/operators.

Justin is a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) and has been providing proactive business service advice for 20 years. Justin is a CA SMSF Specialist and a Fellow of Governance Institute of Australia.

Through Justin’s sport management experience, he lead’s Perth’s suite of services which are designed to assist talented athletes achieve their potential and secure a financial future beyond their sporting life. He has enjoyed significant success in managing and promoting four-time, three weight division boxing world champion, Danny Green.

Justin is an inaugural Board Member of the Jackman Furness Foundation established by Hugh Jackman and Deborah Lee Furness to provide financial security for the WA Academy of Performing Arts. He also sits on the Boards of WA Charity Direct, Danny Green’s Fight Chance and Cowards Punch Foundations as well as the Reflections Through Reality Foundation.

Cate Harman, Partnerships Manager

“Having spent my career working in the health and medicine space, I have become quite passionate about giving back some of the value of my experience, especially in the not-for-profit sector, and am delighted to be on Reflections board.”

Cate’s career spans over 30 years where she has gained experience in a variety of roles and sectors, whilst also raising her family.

She worked in clinical research for several years in both hospital and university environments, and ran a private business tutoring mostly Physiology, Biochemistry and Pathophysiology, while starting her family. After moving to Perth and making WA home to raise her four sons, Cate set up a private health clinic which she ran for several years.

Cate has spent the most part of her career working in the not-for-profit sector, as WA State Manager for Prostate Cancer Foundation, and consulting for other charities. This has provided her management experience with charities as well as small business, and board experience in national organisations.

Cate is passionate about building effective relationships, and currently helps organisations in building effective stakeholder relationships, developing workable strategies, and creating valuable opportunities in a variety of environments.

Peter Franklin

“Asbestos remains ubiquitous in our environment, and we continually need to ensure people are aware of the dangers this poses. From the first time I met Jo (Morris) I have been impressed with the commitment that Reflections, as an organisation, has in raising awareness about asbestos and in supporting research into asbestos-related disease.”

Peter Franklin has a strong interest in, and understanding of, asbestos exposure and asbestos-related disease from both a research and policy point of view. He works in asbestos research at UWA, and asbestos policy at the WA Department of Health.

Peter is an occupational and environmental epidemiologist with a strong research interest in both occupational and non-occupational exposure to asbestos. Other research interests include mining exposures, indoor and outdoor air pollution and children’s environmental health. For the past 10 years he has worked in the Occupational Respiratory Epidemiology (ORE) research group at the School of Population and Global Health, UWA. He also teaches environmental and occupational health within the Masters of Public Health program.

In 2012 Peter took a position as a science and policy officer at the Environmental Health Directorate, WA Department of Health. In this role he has been involved in the review and update of the public health asbestos regulations. He also provides advice to the public and local governments on asbestos-related issues and helps in developing material to improve the public’s awareness of asbestos in the built environment.

Graham Peden

“Barry always found it amusing that I found difficulty in pronouncing ‘mesothelioma’, but I have mastered the pronunciation and am eagerly looking forward to helping raise awareness of asbestos in our community and, thereby, reduce the incidence of this avoidable cancer.”

Graham, who was born in Canada and educated in England, has qualifications in building and quantity surveying. His experience includes major projects in Britain and over 30 years in Australia and has been professionally involved in a range of projects including apartments, schools and colleges, defence facilities as well as involvement in the completion of St. Mary’s Cathedral and Bunbury Cathedral.

Graham has been an active member of the Rotary Club of Perth since 2005 where he has been involved in a number of worthy causes involving vocational and cultural issues, homelessness issues, health and sustainability.  Graham is a past president of the Rotary Club of Perth and is a past District Governor of Rotary District 9455 here in WA. It was in his role as President in 2015-16 that Graham first had the privilege to meet Reflections Founder Barry Knowles.


Lorelei Campbell

“I have the honour of knowing Jo Morris and her father, (the late) Barry Knowles, and have watched the amazing work they have done in bringing Reflections to where it is today. Having lost my Aunty to mesothelioma, I appreciate the crucial role played by Reflections in raising awareness and providing support.”

Lorelei has over 25 years’ experience in strategic communications, public relations and marketing across a range of industries in Australia and overseas. Her extensive experience includes working in a range of industries across corporate communications, issues and crisis management, brand positioning, digital communications, employee and stakeholder engagement, media engagement, internal communications, change management and strategic planning.

Lorelei currently works for one of Western Australia’s leading communications firms as an Agency Director, working with a wide range of clients. Over the course of her career, Lorelei has worked in aged care, disability services, transport, property development, mining services and mining, education, construction, building, retail and not for profit industries. She has been recognised multiple times with Public Relations Institute of Australia Awards, is on the Board of the IABC (International Association of Business Communicators) and is a regular guest speaker at universities in Perth, sharing her expertise and passion for the industry with the communicators of the future.

Sam Dixon, Marketing and Admin Coordinator

I wasn’t aware how much of an issue asbestos still is. Since starting at Reflections, I’ve learned so much about the impact of asbestos and the diseases it causes. I’m excited to be a part of a team that is bringing asbestos awareness to the forefront to make a difference for future generations.”

Sam initially came on board in late 2022 to help with our Steeltoes & Stilettos event. Realising pretty quickly the value she brings, we welcomed Sam with open arms in 2023 as our Office Administrator.

With a ‘can-do’ attitude and a cheery disposition, Sam lights up the workplace and brings value to everything she does. From marketing and social media engagement to event management, Sam is methodical and reliable.

An organised, enthusiastic person – every team needs a Sam!

Lizz Clarke, Support Coordinator

“I hope to offer the Reflections’ community a proactive, practical, evidence-based approach to support the path ahead.”

Lizz has joined the Reflections team as Support Network Coordinator to assist individuals and families affected by asbestos-related disease.

She brings more than 20 years of acute and community nursing experience in the Emergency and Public Health sectors from across England, New Zealand and Australia. She has a Masters Degree (Medical Science) and graduate diplomas in Adult Nursing, Migrant Health and Sexology.

Lizz was primary carer for her husband, Colin, diagnosed with Mesothelioma in 2016. She experienced first-hand the frustrations and challenges of living with a progressive, incurable disease and the limitations of constantly adjusting to a “new normal.” The intersection of professional and lived experience gives Lizz a unique in-depth understanding of the needs of individuals, family and friends.

You can contact Lizz on email: lizz@reflections.org.au

Tracey Thompson

“Having benefited from their care during my husband’s illness, I feel very passionate about the support space that Reflections facilitates.”

Tracey joined Reflections following the loss of her husband Geoff to mesothelioma in 2022. Having connected with our support nurse, Lizz, she decided to join the team in providing support to clients and carers who have been affected by mesothelioma and asbestos-related diseases.

In her past career, Tracey was involved with Cancer Council as a clinical nurse, worked in palliative care and facilitated bereavement support groups.

Tracey’s skills and previous work experience, coupled with her lived experience with mesothelioma, make Tracey a valuable member of our support team. She is a valued presence in our office, always ready with an engaging story and a warm smile that lights up the office.

John Gelavis

“It is my pleasure to be an Ambassador for Reflections as the work it does is critical in making people aware of the risks associated with asbestos, promoting further research into the deadly disease mesothelioma and in supporting sufferers. I had the pleasure of knowing Barry Knowles prior to his passing and was inspired by his courage and determination to not only survive the disease but to educate others so they do not have to experience the effects of such a terrible illness.”

John Gelavis has 20 years of experience within the building industry and held numerous sales, marketing, management, operational and strategic leadership roles.

John accepted the role of the Executive Director of the Master Builders Association of WA (MBAWA) in August 2018, prior to which John led the Housing Industry Association Western Australia branch as the Executive Director for six years. John is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) and a University of Western Australia graduate.

Michael McLean

“Having been involved in the building and construction industry for over 30 years, I have seen firsthand the impact that exposure to asbestos has caused to many good people. I knew Barry Knowles for over three decades and he inspired me to personally get involved in this great cause. I would encourage everyone in the building industry to support Reflections which can make a difference to many people’s lives.”

Michael McLean retired as the Executive Director of the Master Builders Association of WA, a position he held since September 1996, in 2018, but his commitment to Reflections continues.

He was the Association’s Industrial Relations Manager from August 1983, having previously worked for Mt Newman Mining in Port Hedland and the state government. Michael is also a Director on the My Leave, Construction Training Fund and Motivation Foundation boards.

Dale Alcock

“It is my privilege and pleasure to be an ambassador for Reflections. Having experienced first-hand the scourge of asbestos disease in losing my father to mesothelioma, I am committed to continuing to raise awareness, particularly for the younger generations entering the industry.”

Dale Alcock is a homegrown success story, from bricklayer to leading West Australian home builder. His reputation has become synonymous with quality, excellence and distinction.

Today, the ABN Group operates in Western Australia and Victoria and has built more than 62,000 homes across these two States. It is comprised of 22 companies with more than 1700 employees, 300 apprentices and 1500 contractors.

Dale is an avid believer in the social responsibility of his companies. He provides valuable support to industry training programs and promotes career opportunities within the building industry. In 2006, he established the Alcock Family Foundation, which, over the last 10 years, has donated more than $8.2 million to various worthy causes including medical research, relief work and the environment.

Dan Bailey

“I’ve known Jo for a few years now and the work she and the team at Reflections are doing to raise awareness for the next-gen of tradies is vitally important. Really happy to do what I can to support the asbestos safety message.”

An electrician by trade, Dan has firsthand experience with asbestos on the job site. Although there was some training during his apprenticeship and earlier time in the Army, Dan found the information was not particularly helpful or accurate.

In 2020 Dan set up Tradie HQ as a co-working space and business incubator for tradies. “Not a week goes by, when someone doesn’t post an image asking, ‘hey guys, is this asbestos?’ in one of the social media groups that I run,” says Dan.

“For sparkies, there are 100,000’s of homes in WA that would still have asbestos switchboard backs along with asbestos-lined walls in their wet areas and their eaves and so on. Yes, we definitely need to continue the education piece.”

In 2020 Dan stepped up (literally) at Steeltoes & Stilettos, strutting his stuff for the cause. The following year, he was our Steeltoes & Stilettos Ambassador and is now onboard as a Reflections Ambassador. Dan is keen to keep asbestos on the agenda as we continue to increase awareness of the ongoing dangers.

Fraser Brims

“Australia has one of the highest rates of mesothelioma in the world and relentless asbestos use continues in many countries. So, asbestos disease is not going to go away. I believe we have a responsibility to our region to address the catastrophic impact of asbestos use and I fully support the Reflections team in their efforts to raise awareness, support patients and their families, and promote medical research.”

Professor Fraser Brims is a Consultant Respiratory Physician and Head of Department at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and Professor at Curtin Medical School. He is chair of the WA Mesothelioma Registry and heads the Occupational and Respiratory Health research group at the Institute for Respiratory Health.

Fraser trained in the UK and moved to WA in 2013. He has longstanding clinical and research interests in occupational and asbestos-related lung diseases, mesothelioma and the detection of early lung cancer using low-dose CT scans. He is clinical lead for the WA Asbestos Review Program, the largest lung cancer early detection program in Australia, and is a Chief Investigator for the NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence, the National Centre for Asbestos Related Diseases (NCARD).


Lyn Beazley AO FTSE FACE CIE (Aust)

“I am honoured to be Patron of Reflections. The dedicated team is supporting the world class research taking place here in Western Australia and raising awareness for the younger generations. I am proud to be part of the fight to make this cruel disease a thing of our past and not our future.”

Lyn Beazley AO is a distinguished neuroscientist and educator.

She began her career by building an internationally renowned research team in Neuroscience that focused on recovery from brain damage, after graduating from Oxford and Edinburgh Universities, Lyn

She is currently an Honorary Distinguished Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies at the University of Western Australia, and the Sir Walter Murdoch Distinguished Professor of Science at Murdoch University.

As Chief Scientist for Western Australia (the first female to hold such a state role nationally) from 2006 to 2013, Lyn advised the WA Government on science, innovation and technology as well as fulfilling the role of science ambassador, locally and worldwide.

In 2013, Lyn was honoured to be inducted into the WA Science Hall of Fame and was named 2015 West Australian of the Year for her major contribution to the promotion and direction of science in Australia.

Lyn was inducted into the inaugural Western Australian Women’s Hall of Fame and became the second recipient of the Governor’s Award for Giving in 2012, in recognition of her enthusiastic philanthropy through her outreach activities promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in the WA community. In 2009, Lyn was awarded Officer of the Order of Australia and was elected a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering.

Lyn is an Ambassador for the West Australian Museum and serves on the Foundation Council of the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

It is a privilege to have Professor Beazley’s support and endorsement as we work together to raise awareness and funds in the fight against mesothelioma.