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Dan Bailey

“I’ve known Jo for a few years now and the work she and the team at Reflections are doing to raise awareness for the next-gen of tradies is vitally important. Really happy to do what I can to support the asbestos safety message.”

An electrician by trade, Dan has firsthand experience with asbestos on the job site. Although there was some training during his apprenticeship and earlier time in the Army, Dan found the information was not particularly helpful or accurate.

In 2020 Dan set up Tradie HQ as a co-working space and business incubator for tradies. “Not a week goes by, when someone doesn’t post an image asking, ‘hey guys, is this asbestos?’ in one of the social media groups that I run,” says Dan.

“For sparkies, there are 100,000’s of homes in WA that would still have asbestos switchboard backs along with asbestos-lined walls in their wet areas and their eaves and so on. Yes, we definitely need to continue the education piece.”

In 2020 Dan stepped up (literally) at Steeltoes & Stilettos, strutting his stuff for the cause. The following year, he was our Steeltoes & Stilettos Ambassador and is now onboard as a Reflections Ambassador. Dan is keen to keep asbestos on the agenda as we continue to increase awareness of the ongoing dangers.

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