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Lorelei Campbell

“I have the honour of knowing Jo Morris and her father, (the late) Barry Knowles, and have watched the amazing work they have done in bringing Reflections to where it is today. Having lost my Aunty to mesothelioma, I appreciate the crucial role played by Reflections in raising awareness and providing support.”

Lorelei has over 25 years’ experience in strategic communications, public relations and marketing across a range of industries in Australia and overseas. Her extensive experience includes working in a range of industries across corporate communications, issues and crisis management, brand positioning, digital communications, employee and stakeholder engagement, media engagement, internal communications, change management and strategic planning.

Lorelei currently works for one of Western Australia’s leading communications firms as an Agency Director, working with a wide range of clients. Over the course of her career, Lorelei has worked in aged care, disability services, transport, property development, mining services and mining, education, construction, building, retail and not for profit industries. She has been recognised multiple times with Public Relations Institute of Australia Awards, is on the Board of the IABC (International Association of Business Communicators) and is a regular guest speaker at universities in Perth, sharing her expertise and passion for the industry with the communicators of the future.

Barry’s Book:

Reflections Through Reality