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Stuart Fellows, General Manager

“I am proud to be part of a small not-for-profit giving tangible support to people with mesothelioma. It is also important to me that we are actively raising awareness for the next generation of tradespeople to help prevent this cycle of asbestos disease.”

In his previous role as General Manager for a large Perth-based not-for-profit, Stuart gained valuable experience in strategic planning and management; practical and theoretical knowledge of skills-based education; change management, and marketing.

Stuart has a Master of Business Administration; Honors Degree in Microbiology; Postgraduate Certificate in Adult and Tertiary Education; extensive experience in a wide range of IT applications and implementation of projects; and, skills in managing and leading a team in the health and community setting.

Stuart is accustomed to working with a diverse client base and negotiating at multiple levels to ensure the desired organisational outcomes.

In his downtime, Stuart enjoys golf; sailing; land care; winemaking; horse riding; has an interest in third-world development; and, keeps an army of bees.

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