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Tracey Thompson

“Having benefited from their care during my husband’s illness, I feel very passionate about the support space that Reflections facilitates.”

Tracey joined Reflections following the loss of her husband Geoff to mesothelioma in 2022. Having connected with our support nurse, Lizz, she decided to join the team in providing support to clients and carers who have been affected by mesothelioma and asbestos-related diseases.

In her past career, Tracey was involved with Cancer Council as a clinical nurse, worked in palliative care and facilitated bereavement support groups.

Tracey’s skills and previous work experience, coupled with her lived experience with mesothelioma, make Tracey a valuable member of our support team. She is a valued presence in our office, always ready with an engaging story and a warm smile that lights up the office.

Barry’s Book:

Reflections Through Reality