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  • Understanding Mesothelioma – Cancer Council Australia’s booklet

    July 2017

    A guide for people with mesothelioma, their family and friends.

    This booklet has been prepared to help you understand how mesothelioma is diagnosed and treated. The chapters cover both pleural mesothelioma and peritoneal mesothelioma. As the experience for every person with mesothelioma is different, you need to discuss your treatment options with your doctor.

    However, we hope the information in this booklet will answer some of your questions and help you think about other questions to ask your treatment team.

    This booklet does not need to be read from cover to cover – just read the parts that are useful to you. Some medical terms that may be unfamiliar are explained in the glossary. You may also like to pass this booklet to your family and friends for their information.

    Click here to read the booklet.