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Graham Peden

“Barry always found it amusing that I found difficulty in pronouncing ‘mesothelioma’, but I have mastered the pronunciation and am eagerly looking forward to helping raise awareness of asbestos in our community and, thereby, reduce the incidence of this avoidable cancer.”

Graham, who was born in Canada and educated in England, has qualifications in building and quantity surveying. His experience includes major projects in Britain and over 30 years in Australia and has been professionally involved in a range of projects including apartments, schools and colleges, defence facilities as well as involvement in the completion of St. Mary’s Cathedral and Bunbury Cathedral.

Graham has been an active member of the Rotary Club of Perth since 2005 where he has been involved in a number of worthy causes involving vocational and cultural issues, homelessness issues, health and sustainability.  Graham is a past president of the Rotary Club of Perth and is a past District Governor of Rotary District 9455 here in WA. It was in his role as President in 2015-16 that Graham first had the privilege to meet Reflections Founder Barry Knowles.


Barry’s Book:

Reflections Through Reality