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    November 2018

    Bringing the risk of asbestos to the big stage. Reflections, in partnership with Master Builders and the Housing Industry Association, are pleased to introduce the inaugural Steeltoes & Stilettos event to be held 9 March 2019.

    Set to become an iconic annual industry event, ‘tradies’ will be matched with models on a catwalk in the heart of the Perth CBD. An event which focused on awareness raising of asbestos in our built environment while raising funds for essential medical research into a treatment for the terminal asbestos-related disease, mesothelioma.

    With the highest rates of mesothelioma in the world and significant amounts of in-situ asbestos in our built environment, asbestos has left a devastating legacy in WA. Raising awareness in the construction industry is crucial, and this landmark event will also help spread the message to the wider community.

    The event and how you can be involved.

    Tradies (both male and female) will be ‘dobbed-in’ and sponsored to walk the runway with a model. Fundraising will take place in advance of the event, with the top fundraisers of each category being given opportunity to ‘strut-their-stuff’ on the evening. Fabulous prizes will be awarded.

    If you would like to the demonstrate your proactive stance in minimising the impact of asbestos, there are a number of opportunities for you to be part of this exciting event…

    • Sponsorship through financial contributions – limited major sponsor opportunities are still available…so get in quick!
    • Donations of products or services – if your company has a product or service to offer as prizes or gift bag inclusions, we would appreciate your support.
    • Participation at the event – dob-in and sponsor a tradie AND attend on the night.

    Step up to play your part.

    For more information or to be involved contact:
    Jo Morris | jomo@reflections.org.au | 0407 255 221
    Kelly Dewar-Matusik | kelly@mbawa.com | 0404 054 360