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Jul 2023

Three proud daughters share their stories as they walk alongside their mum with mesothelioma.

Three proud daughters share their stories as they walk alongside their mum with mesothelioma.

When Mum was diagnosed with mesothelioma, it was very unexpected. Unlike many people, we were aware of this disease as one of my uncles had died from it.

Mum is a very strong woman with a deep faith. Even though she was sad and had many tears (as we all did), she is a fighter. It was hard watching Mum go through chemo, but I wasn’t surprised how much she endured as she is a tough one! At the moment, Mum isn’t keen about more chemo as it’s making her sick. We respect her choice.

We have all become more aware of the dangers of asbestos that are still in our community. I have certainly talked to a lot of people who were unaware that they could be breathing in the fibres whilst doing home renovations and building demolitions.

I am fortunate to be in a close family with each of us giving support to the other. My hope is for more research into mesothelioma so one day we can find a cure. In the meantime, I will be there for Mum (and Dad) be it meals, a chat, housework, lifts… and lots of love.


I am the proud daughter of Norma, who was diagnosed with mesothelioma over 4 years ago.

It is so hard to see someone that has always been so strong being so unwell.

We are all so grateful and fortunate that Mum is with us, but I am sad that there are daily reminders of her illness – it must weigh her down. I know she shelters us from these everyday thoughts – always the mother!

It is Mum’s beautiful nature that shines through. Everyone loves her and she has many, many wonderful people in her life. She has always been a generous and thoughtful person, and this is now coming back to her at this stage in her life.

Sometimes I am angry at the companies that made this happen. I am angry that so many more people will be affected. It seems like it was all preventable.

Mum has always tried to ‘fix’ everything. Any time someone had a situation or a problem, Mum would always be working away at fixing it, thinking of ways to get it done. I wish her special powers could fix her illness.

I am grateful for having the best Mum. I hope she fights this disease and eventually there might be a cure. It is great that there is awareness and support for people with mesothelioma – thank you to everyone out there that has directly helped my Mum. You are working for a great cause.


A mesothelioma diagnosis was not on the radar when my Mum was suddenly sick back in 2013.

This diagnosis, the effect on Mum’s wellbeing and capacity to do all she would love to be doing has, for me, been the greatest impact. The support I have provided during times of acute illness is not a burden and seems to fade with the ebb and flow of the disease and its treatment.

Mum’s capacity for thinking of others has not diminished, just the ‘doing’ has changed a little. A great example of Mum’s doing and thinking is hospitality and friendship to others on the journey of living with mesothelioma.


Norma passed in December 2018. Her legacy lives on through the lives she impacted as she continued to put others before herself until the very end.

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