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About Reflections

Every year in Australia there are an estimated 4,000 deaths from past exposure to asbestos. It is estimated that 1 in 3 homes still contain asbestos in some form.

Our Purpose

Asbestos is still a very real threat to Australian lives. Reflections is a not-for-profit REDUCING THE IMPACT of asbestos and BRINGING HOPE to people affected. By:

  • increasing awareness of the ongoing risk of asbestos in our community
  • promoting education and training
  • supporting people affected by asbestos-related diseases through care, advocacy and connection. Our team have lived experience of mesothelioma.

We are privileged to have a dedicated team sharing the vision and passion to (in the words of our Patron, ) “…make this cruel disease a thing of our past and not our future.”

We look forward to a future where “Lives are untouched by asbestos”.

Contact us to find out more and get involved in this important work.

Established in 2015, Reflections is a not-for-profit
reducing the impact of Asbestos on the community

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    Asbestos Awareness

    Approximate number of Australian homes that are still likely to contain asbestos in some form

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    Recorded Cases Annually

    On average, one person dies every 12 hours in Australia from mesothelioma

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    Deaths Every Year

    It is estimated 4000 people die each year in Australia from past exposure to asbestos

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    Average Age At Exposure

    Typical age of first exposure to asbestos for recorded WA mesothelioma sufferers

Our Vision

Every Australian understands the risk of asbestos.

In its simplest form, an organisation’s vision articulates what its ideal world looks like in relation to what it does. For Reflections, it is that everyone knows and understands the risk of asbestos so it is no longer an unknown risk resulting in “Lives untouched by asbestos.”

Our Mission

Reducing the impact of asbestos and bringing hope to people affected

Our Core Pillars

Core Pillars, Reflections Strategic Plan

Our Values

  • Transparency

    We operate with total transparency and honesty at all times

  • Authenticity

    We are genuine and authentic in how we engage with others

  • Kindness

    We value kindness and care in our actions and work with our community and clients

  • Empathy

    We have a deep understanding and unparalleled empathy through lived experiences

  • Service

    We are selfless in service in order to bring compassion and support to others