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The Hope Companion

A guide to living well with mesothelioma

The Hope Companion is the how-to guide for living well with mesothelioma.

Being diagnosed with this incurable cancer can bring overwhelming challenges not only to the person diagnosed, but also to their loved ones. At this time, accurate information and practical guidance are essential for navigating the path forward.

The Hope Companion provides exactly that.

Launched in February 2024, it addresses the specific needs of people affected by mesothelioma.

This resource has been developed by people who have been personally impacted by it, including those diagnosed, their caregivers and families and healthcare professionals.

Their insights and feedback are shared to provide direction as the journey progresses, while offering guidance on how to live every day to the full.

We have developed The Hope Companion to empower and inform patients and caregivers, helping them navigate the unique challenges of this disease and bring hope for the journey ahead.

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The Hope Companion is a wonderful resource for people impacted by this devastating disease. Every page combines empathy, common sense, and lived experience with trustworthy medical information.

Prof Anna Nowak, Mesothelioma Researcher and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) University of Western Australia

What’s included in The Hope Companion?

This compendium of resources comprises several booklets tailored for both patients and caregivers.

The booklets contain disease-specific information, handy checklists, helpful tips, inspiring stories, valuable insights and more for people affected by mesothelioma.

The Hope Companion booklets are:

  • Meso What?

    Gain insights into the disease and its progressions. Be empowered to make informed decisions and navigate the journey ahead with confidence.

  • Living with mesothelioma

    Focuses on your wellbeing with guidance on how to share your diagnosis, find hope, adopt wellness strategies, and access support services.

  • Caregiver’s guide

    This booklet shares personal stories and practical tips to provide reassurance and comfort while caring for someone with mesothelioma.

  • End-of-life planning

    This booklet guides you through financial, legal, and care decisions, offering peace of mind and clarity for end-of-life wishes.

  • Life after loss

    This section explores ongoing support for caregivers and families, offering ways to heal, honour memories, and move forward after loss.

How is The Hope Companion different to other resources?

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From our experience, available resources didn’t always address specific needs. The Hope Companion is the resource we, and our community, wish we’d had to help us navigate the challenges that impacts all aspects of the ‘new normal’ following a mesothelioma diagnosis.

It combines medical information with personal insights from our mesothelioma community and our own lived experience. The Hope Companion is unique in that it helps plan for the reality of what lies ahead, but also addresses the possibility of finding hope and living well for today.

By developing this resource, we can provide support to more individuals and families affected by this disease, especially in rural and remote locations where support services are not easily accessible.

The Hope Companion is available to anyone affected by mesothelioma, and you can request a copy by contacting us.

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