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Asbestos Training & Information

As part of Reflections’ core activities, increasing awareness within industry is a vital part of helping reduce the ongoing impact of asbestos. Asbestos containing materials (ACM’s) were widespread in the building, industrial, commercial, manufacturing and automotive industries. We support industry by working with industry bodies to mandate and create effective training for those who could be exposed to asbestos as part of their job.

Construction Training Fund Mandatory Training

In 2017, Reflections initiated a review of the curriculum for pre-apprentices and trainees in the building and construction industry in partnership with the Construction Training Fund (CTF). As a result of a collaborative workshop, Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and industry stakeholders agreed to adopt a consistent approach to training around asbestos awareness. Reviewing the uptake of the resources later that year, it became apparent that the best way to ensure trainees were given adequate training, was to embed a core unit into the curriculum. Reflections and the CTF developed a specific Asbestos Module that provides the key information in a highly digestible and testable format.

This module has been made available to RTOs as well as organisations. If you would like to find out more about how you or your people can access this content, please get in touch with us.

We are able to provide it to you in multiple formats depending on the size of your organisation and the infrastructure you have available.

Talks, Workshops and Webinars

Reflections can also support your business or organisation by providing you with knowledgeable and engaging speakers on the subject. We can work with you to create a learning event that facilitates your objectives around understanding the impact of asbestos.

Get in touch to speak to us about how we can help.

Watch Our Video

Watch Our Video

In the past, asbestos exposure was mostly an occupational problem. These days the people at most risk are home renovators and the next generation of tradies.

Reflections, in partnership with the Perth building and construction industry, is actively increasing awareness through events such as Steeltoes & Stilettos along with advocacy for improved training for people entering industries where asbestos was used. With the age of first exposure being 23 years of age, training and education for those most at risk is essential.

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