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Dale Alcock

“It is my privilege and pleasure to be an ambassador for Reflections. Having experienced first-hand the scourge of asbestos disease in losing my father to mesothelioma, I am committed to continuing to raise awareness, particularly for the younger generations entering the industry.”

Dale Alcock is a homegrown success story, from bricklayer to leading West Australian home builder. His reputation has become synonymous with quality, excellence and distinction.

Today, the ABN Group operates in Western Australia and Victoria and has built more than 62,000 homes across these two States. It is comprised of 22 companies with more than 1700 employees, 300 apprentices and 1500 contractors.

Dale is an avid believer in the social responsibility of his companies. He provides valuable support to industry training programs and promotes career opportunities within the building industry. In 2006, he established the Alcock Family Foundation, which, over the last 10 years, has donated more than $8.2 million to various worthy causes including medical research, relief work and the environment.

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